About Project

Hydrocarbon contamination of soil was discovered during geotechnical investigations on a 1,000,000 gallon water tank, in Barrow, Alaska. Subsequent soil sampling confirmed high levels of DRO contamination along the tanks foundation.

UMIAQ Environmental was contracted by BUECI to oversee excavation of the contaminated area.The project scope was to:

  • Repair of the damaged tank foundation and remove contaminated soils containing analytes above ADEC Arctic Contaminate Levels.
  • Developed a site specific Work Plan for the tank excavation including soil screening and sampling procedures,
  • Oversee excavation activities and
  • Perform screening of excavated soil using a Photo Ionization Detector (PID).

Soil that met specific part per million (ppm) screening levels were segregated and stockpiled or immediately super sacked for off-site disposal depending on the screening level reading.Volatile BTEX samples were collected and preserved with laboratory provided methanol. Samples were shipped to an ADEC approved laboratory following appropriate chain of custody procedures.Stockpiled soil was reused as fill material in the excavation area.

Laboratory results confirmed contamination level in SuperSacks was above Arctic clean-up level for volatile analytes and the Supersacks were stored in a secured location and ultimately disposed of off-site at an ADEC approved facility. After excavation and fill activities were completed, UMIAQ Environmental completed a summary report for the client and ADEC.This final report included a narrative of field activities, field notes of the excavation and sampling activities, laboratory results, tables and figures showing correlating laboratory data with site location data and final conclusions.