About Project

The former Naval Arctic Research Laboratory (NARL) includes several locations contaminated by inappropriate dumping of fuels and equipment, oil and fuel spills and uncontrolled releases of waste (chemical and human), during the Navy’s occupation of the area.Several of these sites are still listed on the ADEC’s contaminated sites database.The project area consisted of the 50 acre disposal area, used from the late 1940’s to early 1950’s, located in the Northwestern corner of the 535.5 acre Antenna field Property.This site was historically used to dispose of waste generated at the NARL facility during military occupation.Previous investigations using electro-magnetic surveys and ground penetrating radar (GPR) identified buried debris. Potential contaminants of concern included, lead, arsenic and asbestos.

UMIAQ Environmental mobilized to Barrow in 2016 in support of CERCLA remedial actions undertaken by the U.S. Navy. Five areas of interest were re-located and excavated to remove asbestos containing material (ACM), lead batteries and soil with elevated levels of lead, arsenic and other toxic metals.A QAPP was developed to manage the collection and preservation of soil samples, following standard protocols so that clearance could be documented in accordance with ADEC regulations.Waste manifests were maintained and materials tracked to the disposal destination.

Text Box: CERCLA remedial actions • Trained field crews • Arsenic/lead abatement • Soil removalResource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) waste was packaged and manifested for disposal outside of Barrow. We also provided bear guards using local hires as part of the project safety plan. UMIAQ had tight windows of opportunity to conduct remediation and cleanup activities considering the short summer/construction seasons in the Arctic.