About Project

The NARL facility at Barrow, Alaska has been occupied since 1944 by various federal agencies including the United States Geological Survey (USGS), US Navy and US Air Force (USAF). NARL covers an area of 185 acres located on Point Barrow bordering the Chukchi Sea, and is subject to coastal erosion and flooding concerns. The facility incorporates buildings, roads, runways, aprons, pipelines and other infrastructure dating back to the 1940s. Historical releases of fuel and other contaminants to soil and water are documented and have been the subject of numerous characterization studies and remediation projects.

UMIAQ Environmental has carried out several CERCLA remediation actions at NARL on behalf of the landowner. These actions included:

The characterization of soil contaminated from releases of oils and lubricants at Bldg. 140.

  • Preparation of work plans to direct subsequent remediation.
  • Preparation of a sampling plan to direct excavations and collect clearance data
  • ADEC and other regulatory agencies interaction for consent for the work and sampling plan.
  • Reporting of analytical data, QA/QC on the analytical data.

Removal of RCRA and regulated waste at the NARL tank farm.

  • Over 300 drums containing waste liquids were characterized over two field seasons, over-packed and shipped out of Barrow for disposal.
  • Fluids in obsolete transformers were sampled for PCB’s, drained, cleaned and disposed.
  • Remedial actions to soil within the tank farm, impacted by fuel releases.
  • Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) were drained, contents analyzed and shipped out for disposal.

Abatement of asbestos containing material (ACM) and lead paint.

Approximately 20 buildings at NARL were screened for lead paint and the presence of ACM. Remedial actions were undertaken to mitigate the risk from environmental hazards through abatement.