About Us

UIC Oil & Gas Support Services provides oil spill prevention and response and regulatory, scientific and oilfield services, all while leveraging our keen understanding of the political and socio-cultural landscape of the Arctic.

We provide a full range of onshore, near-shore and offshore oil and gas support services. Specializing in oil spill prevention, response planning and operations - UIC Oil & Gas Support Services is your trusted exploration and development partner.

  • Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse operations center
  • North Slope project logistics
  • Operations and maintenance contract support
  • North Slope equipment rentals, maintenance and training
  • Cultural resources management
  • Arctic fieldwork & monitoring
  • Traditional knowledge & socio-cultural research
  • Bear guarding & field safety
  • Regulatory consulting
  • Response planning and operations
  • Onshore, near-shore and offshore oil spill prevention

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