About Us

UMIAQ Design & Municipal Services, LLC and UMIAQ Environmental, LLC provide professional architecture, engineering, surveying, regulatory permitting and planning, and scientific services. We understand the political landscape of the Arctic with regard to industrial and community development and leverage our local knowledge for uniquely Arctic solutions.


Our skilled professionals will partner with you to design project elements that are right for the purpose and place. UMIAQ Design & Municipal Services and UMIAQ Environmental balance innovation, value, function, and respect for the environment. Our knowledgeable architects, engineers and scientists have designed commercial, industrial, academic, research, housing, defense, recreational and healthcare facility projects across Alaska. We have over three decades of experience creating design that embraces the logistical and environmental challenges that are unique to the Arctic and remote regions of Alaska. Services that we offer include: Comprehensive Design, Construction Administration, Project Management, Master Planning, Project Analysis, Permitting / Public Process, Peer Review/Code Analysis, Conditions Surveys, Renovation and Adaptive Reuse, Arctic Design, Sustainable Design and Accessible Design.

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