Our History

At UMIAQ Design & Municipal Services, LLC and UMIAQ Environmental, LLC we have more than three decades of experience creating and managing projects that embraces the logistical and environmental challenges that are unique to the Arctic and remote regions of Alaska. Services we offer include: engineering and surveying, comprehensive design, project management, master planning, project analysis, permitting/public process assistance, peer review/code analysis, conditions surveys, Arctic design, sustainable and accessible design.

Safety is Our Core Value and Our #1 Priority

Our commitment to safety starts at the top with Executive Management.

We believe:

  • Zero Incidents in the workplace is achievable
  • Every incident is preventable
  • Safety is everyone's responsibility

Quanaklaaglutin  —  “Go With Care”


We are committed to providing social and economic resources to our shareholders and their descendants, developing long-term, meaningful career opportunities in our community. We work with our clients to hire locally and provide appropriate mentoring and training.

UMIAQ  is respected statewide for maximizing local hire wherever commercial projects take us. We often tap into employment resource data banks in regions other than our home headquarters on the North Slope. Our knowledgeable architects and engineers have designed commercial, industrial, academic, research, housing, defense, recreational and healthcare facility projects across Alaska.

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